Joe Mama’s Southern Style Restaurant (Toronto – King and John)

Frame Artist

The Good:  We were a group of five out on a Saturday Night for one of my best girl’s 30-something birthday.  We arrived around 7:30, the service was prompt, and stayed that way even when the place got busy.  We were literally one of the first ones there, and stayed until around 11:30 PM.  The food took a long time comin’, but we didn’t notice as we enjoyed the music, the vibe and the drinks.  The food wasn’t exceptional, but the live music was.  The band was phenomenal (guitar, bass, drums — each one awesome).  The frontman, when not trying to annoyingly pick up some random girl, was entertaining enough — he was a big-man Justin Timberlake sound-alike, complete with the falsetto.

The Not-So-Good:  The dance floor shouldn’t be called that.  It was tiny and awkward, but having said that, not necessary.  I think people will do will to go there to enjoy the vibe with friends, have some drinks, or go on a first five dates.

Cocktails Menu - each one named after a Blues or Soul Artist

Cocktails Menu – each one named after a Blues or Soul Artist

The Aretha Franklin

The Aretha Franklin – very enjoyable; not too sweet – just right


Corn bread – was hard and style; am not a fan


Guacamole Bruschetta – delish; recommended


Baby Back Ribs with Grilled Tiger Shrimp | Sides: Mixed Veggies and Porcini Mushrooms – ribs were good and tender; shrimp was tough and overcooked; veggies were good; the mushrooms were not


Steak and Baby Back Ribs | Sides: Collard Greens and Porcini Mushrooms
Steak was okay, but served to order; collard greens were spicy and delish


Standard Chocolate Cake – Passable; Grocery store variety
HOWEVER, lovely waitress went back to the kitchen and got a candle for the birthday girl. Good service always wins!


The best part of the night… The band.


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