The Works (Danforth and Jones)

We recently found our way to “The Works” post-Skyzone experience.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a warehouse full of large trampolines, where you could choose to jump for hours, jump into large foam pits, jump and dunk basketballs, or play dodgeball while on tramps.  Seeing as we are no longer 12, this gave us huge appetites and license to starch.

Last time the husband and I were en route to our local Mexican Resto, we smelled inviting smells coming from this gourmet burger establishment.  So, when in the company, of strapping young’uns, we suggested this spot for a post-workout pig out.

The Skinny: Stuff we loved… (in no specific order)

  • image_5Very fun atmosphere.  Much roomier and cooler than what it looks like from the outside.
  • Loved that we can customize every part of the order.  And I do mean every part of the order… from the type of bun, type of meat (your regular ground beef, chicken, elk or vegetarian), to toppings and sides.
  • The servers knew their stuff, were friendly, on-the-ball and attentive
  • The measuring cups that drinks are served on.
  • The menu.  We loved just looking at the creative names for the different toppings to be had.  And the organization and ease of following the menu.  Ah… LOVE!  The informatician in me rejoiced, I tell you.image_4
  • The appetizers and sides.  They were the highlight for my taste buds.  The nachos and chips were divine.  The nachos so crunchily thin and fresh and perfectly salted.  The spinach dip the right mixture of sour cream, and well, spinach. image_2
  • pickleThe tower-o-rings had a great light, deep fried batter, and served oh-so-fun, as well, a tower.  The deep fried pickles were a winner with most of the group, but although good, did not best the nachos and chips for me taste buds.
  • The food was served oh-so-very quickly.  Very smart customer experience crafting — they tell you off the bat that burgers take, on average, 20 minutes to prepare.  Then they deliver within 15 minutes instead, and our whole group of 7 feel impressed by their speed of delivery.  Most of us like to know what to expect, and then appreciate when that expectation is exceeded.  In my professional life, that’s called “managing expectations”. 🙂
  • Two of our party ordered smoothies (creamsicle, oreo cookie) and raved about them.

The Skinny:  Room for improvement…

  • Funnily enough, for a gourmet burger joint, my only complaint, albeit very small, is around the actual burger meat.  I ordered the traditional ground beef option, and found the patty dry.  The loveliness of the toppings (“The Grid), with the just-right chipotle sauce, caramelized onions, and large pieces of thin, crispy bacon, off-set enough, that I could still enjoy the experience.

Overall Verdict:  I would go back again, and I would recommend to others.

  • I would go back again just for the nacho and chips.  (I already asked if they have the take-out option)
  • I would also go back to try one of the party’s delicious creation — he chose the KD (read: Kraft Dinner) burger, with elk meat, and an egg on top.  I had a taste and it was delicious.
  • image_3

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