La Patisserie la Cigogne (Danforth and Coxwell)

IMG_3490I wanted so much to love this place.  I love many things about the French, one of which is their food.  This place is a 7 minute leisurely walk from my new home, and I wanted a neighbourhood brunch place desperately.  Let’s just say it wasn’t love at first taste…

The Skinny:  Stuff we loved…

  • The coffee.  Strong, creamy and oh-so-photogenic (see header photo of this blog).IMG_3468
  • The ambiance.  Real quaint and it’s happiness just to stare at all the lovely macarons and chocolates as I enjoyed a morning coffee with the husband.IMG_3459
  • The service.  They were lovely and prompt, and can talk about the menu.
  • The crumbs.  When you cash out, they give you a free package of bread crumbs — all prettily packaged and everything.  I loved this detail, as I’m a sucker for anything free.IMG_3489

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • Based on a review that I had read, I wanted to love the Quebec tourtiere, but I didn’t.  I found it on the dry and bland side.  It came with a croissant, and it was also just okay.
    IMG_3476 IMG_3477
  • Since I didn’t love their savoury, I thought I’d order a chocolate croissant to take home with me, so I can give their pastry a try.  Sad to say that it wasn’t memorable either and won’t even make it to my top 10 favourite croissants in the city.
  •  The husband had the Croque Madame, and again, it was just okay.  Not great or memorable. Looks great though.

The Verdict:  I will come back for the coffee and ambiance, but I won’t recommend it to friends… yet.

  • I’m really hoping that we just ordered the wrong things.  There’s still lovely macarons and quiches to try.  Among other things…
  • Like I said, I really wanted to love this place, so I’m giving it one more visit.  Stay tuned.

IMG_3481 IMG_3485


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