I am so excited!

I just heard news that a ramen place just moved in the neighbourhood.  I am beyond ecstatic!  I have been wishing and hoping for a ramen place on the Danforth for months.  Sometimes, when I’m craving, I would re-search for Ramen places in the east end, hoping that I just missed it the first time I looked. (Yes, I know, pathetic)

Alas.  I knew there was an izakaya joint replacing the mediocre pho place that used to be there (which also got me very excited, mind you), but to have a ramen place with the Fall Season upon us… oh the joy!  When I’m feeling chilly and wanting a hug from within, I can take a 5 minute walk to warm, fatty, soupy, heaven.  Lol.

I hope it will be decent.  Nakayoshi, it’s called.  Ever heard of it?  I hope the fact that it’s an izakaya-slash-ramen doesn’t mean a watered down, mediocre version of a dedicated restaurant.  Here’s hoping…  Review to come forthwith, the minute they open.

Thanks for listening to my excitement.  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “I am so excited!

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