Mad Italian Gelato Bar and Italian Cafe (Danforth and Carlaw)

If you’re looking for some authentic gelato reminiscent of those found on the streets of Italy, then I would highly recommend visiting this establishment on the Danforth.  I have been in Italy twice, and when visiting, I would make it my mission to have gelato daily.  My favourite so far was found in a dinky little place in Pisa, called La Bottega del Gelato.  Really.  Cold creamy heaven in a cup.  Despite the sheer volume of gelato places in Florence and Rome, and even Cinque Terre, Pisa takes the prize.  But that’s for another review.

Today, we’re reviewing ‘Mad Italian Gelato Bar‘ on the Danforth.  In Toronto.  I found this place while spending some pre-University send-off for one of my nieces, and am I ever glad I did.Image

The Skinny: Stuff we loved…

  • The gelato truly reminded me of Italy.  Having tried many of the gelato establishments in and out of Toronto (including many indie ones), I was happily surprised that I would find this in a franchise establishment.
  • The staff.  Since it was our first time, we had a hard time picking our flavours, and they had numerous options, so we asked our server what her favourite flavour was, which to her suggesting (and us sampling) about 2/3 of the offerings.  I had half Greek Yoghurt and half Almond Toffee.  The Greek yoghurt is divine, and taste just likes a frozen version of real thing — I know this sounds obvious, but many frozen yoghurts loses one thing or other during translation.  And the almond toffee flavour!! It’s a decadent party in your mouth.  Highly recommended.  I served this recently at a party we had the previous week, and it was a hit!  In fact, I should have had more.


  • The number of options.  I find that most gelato establishments in Toronto have few flavours to choose from, and the ones that have plenty of flavours are mediocre at best.  We sampled many and most were very well executed indeed.
  • The Zazzu hot cones!  This is hot, cheesy and a great little snack while strolling the Danforth.  It’s a neat little twist on what basically is a pizza, shaped into a cone.  I had the Mac and Cheese and Bacon.  Oh yeah, you heard me right.  It was very well done, and I enjoyed every bite.  I wish I was more eloquent and more knowledgeable a foodie to properly describe why, but basically, the bacon bits were crisp, the mac and cheese tasted authentic, and the dough was a good consistency.  My niece had the Prosciutto and Mushroom.  She enjoyed it as well.



  • The decor.  It’s laid back, cafe style, and comfy.

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • The Pistachio flavour was bland.  I was really hoping it would be good.

The Verdict:  I would be going back again (and again), and would happily recommend to friends.

  • I can’t wait to go back.  I want to have a serving of the blood orange flavour next.  I also want to try their paninis.



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