Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant (Danforth and Donlands)


When we moved into the neighbourhood, we quickly realized the abundance of Ethiopian restaurants within a 5K radius.  So naturally, a couple of months after we moved in, we sent the question out to our digital neighbours, “Which is your favourite Ethiopian restaurant in the hood?”  Since Dukem received 2 votes and happened to be the closest to us, we checked it out first…  And we weren’t disappointed.

The Skinny:  Stuff we loved….

  • The Coffee Ceremony.  And even more so, the coffee.  Delicious roasted coffee beans.  So dark and rich, that you don’t need to add milk.  The proprietor even showed us our roasting coffee beans (to our table, all sizzling and aromatic and stuff) to show it off, before bringing it back to the kitchen (presumably to roast some more).  The coffee is then brought back to you an hour and a half later (they take their time here), on a wooden platform, complete with incense and awesomeness.  Oh, and did I mention that they also serve it with freshly popped, non-buttered, but oh-so-tasty (and addictive) popcorn?!

IMG_4439 IMG_4434 IMG_4412

  • Dukem Special Tibs.  This dish is served on a sizzling plate with lovely cubed lamb marinated in what they call their secret sauce — “sauteed onion, rosemary, tomato, jalapeno, and french garlic.  It was worth all the hype, and the winner from our main entree dishes.


  • Ambiance.  We liked the small, dark space — with the sincere touches of decor.IMG_4417

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • We ordered the vegetarian medley as well, and although a couple of the vegetable offerings were delicious, overall we would have preferred more heat (read: we mean spicy, and a great deal more, really).  The injera as well, although of lovely consistency, could have stood to be more tart.


The Verdict:  I would be going back again (and again), and would happily recommend to friends.



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