Sweet Bliss (Queen Street East and Greenwood Avenue)





There aren’t many things better than a crisp, sunny Autumn Sunday spent outside.  With a two-dollar cappuccino in one hand, and a deliciously simple cinnamon bun in the other.



The husband and I started a new lovely tradition.  Every third Sunday of the month, the Leslieville Flea happens.  We went to our first one last month, and we knew it would now be a tradition (as long as they hold it).  The organizers bring together vendors, and set up stalls behind the Duke (Queen and Leslie).  We make a point to always stop by Sweet Bliss Baking Company on the way to AND from the flea.  It’s part of the experience and a great treat.

We found Sweet Bliss three years ago.  Good friends of ours had a wedding and served Red Velvet Cupcake to their guests.  This was the first time I had heard of and tasted these gems and fell in lust at first taste.  We asked them who their caterer was, and that’s when we first heard of Sweet Bliss.  From then on, the husband would go on his bike once every couple of months or so, and grab us these lovelies.  Now that we live in the Pocket, we are even closer to all this goodness — almost literally a mere two blocks South from our home.  Sweet Bliss, however, is so much more than just their cupcakes.


The Skinny:  Stuff we loved…

  • The Details.  This company knows good customer service.  The service is fast and with personal touches.  Order more than one thing?  You will get a white paper box, wrapped in ribbon (so it always feels like you just bought yourself a gift).
  • The cupcakes and pastries and cookies and loaves, of course!  Always fresh, simple flavours.  Lovely flavours like pumpkin cheesecake brownies, organic apple caramel cakes, pumpkin loaves — I could go on…
  • The Spinach Pie, in particular, is divine.  Dense, savoury and not too oily or flaky.  The pastry is fashioned into 1 inch swirls to make the perfect spinach pie round.
  • The Cinnamon Bun.  Oh, the cinnamon bun.  Not only are the cinnamon flavours subtle and the bread soft and perfect, but it’s also very affordable ($1.90) and large.
  • The $2 lattes.  Or cappuccino or hot chocolate.  Always a double shot and made fresh.

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • I honestly can’t think of any, other than I wish they were even closer to where we live.  Sweet Bliss keeps to their niche — i.e. pastries and sweets (did I mention, they sell jams and relishes too?), and because of that, they do it very well.  Despite the fantastic service and attention to detail, they have managed to also keep the prices very reasonable.

The Verdict:  I will keep going back, and I will heartily recommend to any and all.

  • In a neighbourhood that is full of bakeries, Sweet Bliss stands out.

Bonus Share:  The Leslieville Flea Finds

  • October 20th:  Two beautifully soft, pre-loved cashmere sweaters for $40



  • September 15th:  A valet for my dressing room (a gift from the husband) $35



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