So… Thunder Bay, eh? A nibble on Lot 66.

I know I’m supposed to be eating my way through the East End.  As in, East End of Toronto.

But this week I find myself in sunny Thunder Bay, Ontario.  TBay is neither East of Toronto, or sunny for that matter.  Not in October.  It’s actually north west of Toronto.  Very North and Very West.  It is also very cold.  However, the people are friendly, and the dinner I had on my first night was surprisingly sophisticated and oh-so-delicious.  So I thought I would give Lot 66 a mention, despite it not being in the East End.  It’s my blog and I can break the rules if I want to.  Note:  This will be a picture-less review, since it was a business dinner, and it would just have been too much to explain.

So, Lot 66.  This place was such a surprise, and one of the best meals that I have had in recent memory.  They describe it as a “family style dining”, but with its dim lights and black-attired wait staff, I think they meant “fancy families” style dining.  As in, it would have been an ideal first date location back in my dating days.

I ordered the Prix Fixe menu, which started with the organic green salad, a 10 oz baseball sirloin steak entree (with garlic mash and grilled vegetables), and ended with raspberry creme fraiche.  Each course was delicious, but the app and the dessert were the memorable flavours.  The entree was nice, but I’ve tasted it before.  The green salad was topped with slivers of parmesan cheese, and the dressing was slightly spicy.  Tasty and unexpected, and therefore memorable.  the creme fraiche was to die for.  It was served cool, the syrup light (ie. not too sweet) and the raspberries were so beautifully ripe, that it just all melted happily in your mouth.

The piece de resistance, however, was when one of my colleagues asked me to share her scallops and mushroom dish.  It was, hands down, the best scallops dish I have ever tasted.  Cooked perfectly tender, with just the right hints of truffle oil, and I would honestly consider flying down to TBay just for another taste.

So.. the moral of this story is.. if you ever find yourself in Thunder Bay, Ontario, do yourself a favour and visit Lot 66.

Oh, and order the scallops.


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