Sarah’s Cafe and Bar (Danforth and Coxwell)


My girlfriends and I had one of our bimonthly pow-wows, and we decided to take it to the East End and have brunch at Sarah’s Cafe and Bar.  We had an enjoyable time, unrushed and with happy tummies.

The Skinny:  Stuff we loved…

  • Leisurely brunch.   Service is unhurried and laid-back.  We were able to sit happily and catch-up in peace.  Food takes time to get to your table, even when there was only one other group of 3 people in the restaurant.  However, you don’t have brunch to just eat; you have brunch to be able to sit and socialize, so enjoy your coffees until the food arrives.


  • The brunch.  This is my second foray into Sarah’s for brunch.  This time, I enjoyed my meal quite a bit more.  I had the Atlantica Florentine Combo (one poached egg & Smoked Salmon on English Muffin, and the other poached egg on spinach) during my first visit, and the Savoury Crepe Special on this recent visit (Scrambled egg, bacon, spinach and brie wrapped in crepe).  My savoury crepe was divine (and very big).  The crepe was thicker and more pancake-like in consistency than I am used to, but it somehow worked really well with the chef’s selected fillings for the day.  The brie was melting perfectly and the omelette seasoned well.  As it was my cheat meal of the week, I ordered it with fries (instead of the usual garden salad), and it was of the thin and crispy variety — the fries were enjoyed by the whole table.  It could have been crispier, in my opinion, but satisfying enough as a side.


  • My two brunch buddies had the Atlantica Florentine Combo and Fritata of the day (scrambled eggs, spinach and cheddar cheese).  Judging from their lovingly-emptied plates post-meal, they both enjoyed the dishes as well.  Although my friend who ordered the fritata did feel that her dish was literally overwhelmed with cheese, and had to set some aside. Overall though, the portions are generous and the food is enjoyable.


The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • Beverage of choice is very important when brunching, and the cappucino that all three of us ordered was nothing special, and I wished it was.  It was mediocre at best, and will not order again.  If you are looking for a great cup of java, go across the street to La Patisserie la Cigogne.
  • The ventilation.  As much as we enjoyed being able to sit around, there were a couple of times where we got surrounded by “frying” aromas that lasted approximately 10 minutes at a time — this makes you wish it was still patio weather for a better brunch experience, as it takes you out of blissful brunch mode when you fear your hair and clothes will smell like burnt oil when you leave.

The Verdict:  I will come back again, and I will recommend their brunch to friends.

  • Sarah’s Cafe and bar serves generous sizes of enjoyable brunch food, served in a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Next trip, I will check out their non-brunch fare.



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