Danforth Pizza (Danforth and Jones)

Danforth Pizza has long been a neighbourhood favourite (or so we have come to find out, since we moved to the East End less than a year ago). We have been meaning to try it for a very long time.

Fortunately, cheat day came early this week, and boy, was it ever worth it!  I think I can best describe our opinion of Danforth Pizza in this way… *clap clap clap clap*.  It was, hands down, the best pizza we have ever had in the city.  The husband and I spent three weeks in Tuscany last May and it ruined us for pizza for awhile, but I think we’ve found our winner.

photo 5

The Skinny:  Stuff we loved…

  • The Pizza.  Rustic.  Thick chewy crust, slightly sweet delicious tomato sauce, smoky bacon, chock-full of cheese…. Should I go on?  It had a lovely smoky flavour (which is impressive since it wasn’t made in a wood oven) and the flavours just felt intentional (as opposed to your average North American pizza where I sometimes wonder if they’re just throwing on the ingredients that you asked for).  I thoroughly enjoyed it — which is a lot to say since I’m usually a thin crust kind of girl.  We got a large which was a perfect size for two people (complete with a couple of slices leftover for the next day).
  • photo 1 (1)
  • The Look and Atmosphere.   Great service.  Simple, unassuming, traditional storefront.  It made me feel like I was in on a secret.

photo 5 (1)

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  •  None.  I loved everything about it.

The Skinny:  Some tips…

  • Be good to yourself and call in at least 45 minutes before you pick it up.  I wouldn’t walk in and order, unless you don’t mind watching them work for, well, about 45 minutes.
  • There’s not much seating, so this is definitely a take-out kind of place.
  • Be prepared to pay some good money for great pizza — we paid $26 for a large pizza with four toppings.  Bit steep, but worth every penny.  I almost started getting jealous with the amount of sound effects coming from my husband while we were eating.

The Verdict:  It’s a gem and a new favourite.  I will be back many times, and will recommend to all.

Happy Eating!


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