Mother’s Dumplings (Danforth and Jones)

Ahhh…  When the neighbourhood got a whiff of this Spadina favourite moving into the neighbourhood, there was much excitement.  Luckily, Mother’s Dumplings did not disappoint.

photo 2photo 1 photo 3  

The Skinny:  Stuff we loved….

  •  Ambience.  We really liked the look of place.  The big windows.  The diner style seating.  The exposed brick.  Warm colours.
  • The Dumplings.  They’re the same dumplings we know and love from the Spadina Location.   We got the pan-fried pork, shrimp and melon dumplings (small order as we were also trying Danforth Pizza on the same day), and they were gently spiced and juicy.

photo 3 (1)photo 2 (1)photo 4 (1)

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement….

  • Tight cash area.  From what we saw, it was one of those establishments where you get your check and take it to the cash to pay for it (which is perfectly fine and sometimes we prefer it that way — i.e. no waiting), but doing so in this space, seems to block the poor wait staff’s way.  We didn’t have time to sit down, so we actually ordered take out and we just felt in the way the whole time.  They might want to take out that extra table right by the cash register and the narrow aisle for which the wait staff has to travel from kitchen to table.

photo 4

The Verdict:  I will be going back, and I will be recommending this place to friends.

  • I am so happy to have Mother’s Dumpling in the neighbourhood.  We already know that it will be a favourite for whenever we want some comfort food.  Great seating too!

Happy Eating!!


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