Morgan’s on the Danforth (Greenwood and Danforth)

We found our way east of Greenwood today, and while originally in search of Ethiopian fare, we were enticed by two happy locals basking in the sunny afternoon on Morgan’s Patio.  A not-so-surreptitious glance on the food on their plates cemented the decision to dine here instead.

Alas, we had landed ourselves on a yet-undiscovered (by ourselves) gastro pub, with a great selection of bottled and draft beers (IPAs and microbreweries abound), and I always give extra points for establishments who offer half-pints.  I would like to say that it’s because it makes sure that my beer is cold, as per a tip I received from a fireman who bought my girlfriend and I a round of Guinness whilst at a pub in Kilkenny Ireland many moons ago — we were sipping at our beers too long, you see.  Apparently you’re not supposed to do that, you drink it and drink it fast (and if you can’t handle a pint, then order the lady’s pint — i.e. half-pint to the rest of the world).  So, after that huge digression, I will tell you that I order half-pints, because I’m a lightweight and I don’t finish a whole pint.  But who cares about me?

Let’s talk about Morgan’s…  Best burgers we’ve had in awhile.  Details below…


The Skinny:  Stuff we loved…

  • The burgers.  Delicious 7 ounce chuck and brisket made to your specification (unless your specification goes below medium — no medium rare for me apparently), served with frites or garden salad.  I first ordered the ‘The Truffled Yolk’ — I mean it’s burger topped with a quail’s egg and truffled hollandaise sauce.  Alas, it’s not available anymore.  Like ever.  They’re removing it from the menu.  Okay then… as I sat there disappointed, I ordered the ‘Morgan’s Classic’ instead ($12) and for an extra $3, I added bacon and sauteed onions.  The husband ordered the Double Smoke ($14), which is basically their ‘Morgan’s Classic’ topped with applewood smoked cheddar and double smoked bacon.  Both burgers were delicious — the meat was tender with a lovely smoked flavour, topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  The buns are warm and insides grilled that makes for a very interesting texture, in contrast with how tender the meat is.
  • ImageImageImage
  • The sides.  The burgers come either a side of frites or garden salad.  The husband loved the garden salad.  Fresh ingredients and seasoned simply.  Of course I had the frites, which were a great complement to my burger.  Not the best plate of frites I have ever had (parts of it were a bit on the soft, soggy side, and I prefer my frites crispy).
  • The beer selection.  Well-curated, and they carry one of my faves on tap, Blanche de Chambly.  It complemented my meal just right.  The husband had the Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA — more his taste and thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Image
  • The Ambience.  Great little patio, indoor seating well-spaced out and the bar is lovely — dark, intimate, friendly.  Just what you would want for a little neighbourhood gastro pub with live jazz on select nights.

The Skinny:  Room for Improvement…

  • Get a bit faster at removing really lovely sounding menu items if you are no longer going to serve them.  I still dream of what that Truffled Yolk Burger would have tasted like.  He also told me that poutine was off the menu.  I mean, it made me want poutine, just because I couldn’t have it.

The Verdict:  It’s a gem and a we’ve been looking for a neighbourhood watering hole.  We will be back many times, and will recommend to all.


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