Why I Love Planning Trips, and Other Musings…

I love planning trips.  When R asked me to marry him 4 years ago, I told him that I come with an asterisk.

R:  Will you marry me?
Me: Yes*

*Must be able to travel at least twice a year

It was always in the fine print, but we made sure to discuss it, and guess what?  I married the right guy, because we have never yet failed to fulfill that fine print since we tied the knot.  We always have one week of all-inclusive family extravaganza every year — these are really fun and relaxing and the trip that we use to re-energize from working so hard having to make the money to be able to travel every year.  But it is our annual few-weeks’ long, so-called “adventure trip”, that makes my blood jump for joy.  So far, together, we have had an epic roadtrip along Canada’s East Coast (2010), made like the bacchanal in Louisiana (2011), another epic roadtrip Pacific Coast Highway adventure with a trip to Nevada, Arizona, from San Diego to Northern California (2012), got lost and fell in awe under the Tuscan Sun in Italy (2013), and finished off our Pacific Coast Highway Bucket List with adventure-filled trek from summer-perfect Vancouver to majestic Oregon (2014).

In Transit:  Cinque Terre to Murlo, Italy...

Pretty, right? At this point, we were completely lost, sans reliable map, trying to find our way through rural Tuscany. (R likes to tell this story as “the day we almost died”)

I love planning for these trips.  I am currently in the throes of planning for our 2015 adventure trip:  Spain and Croatia.  *insert happy sigh of anticipation*  I will be sharing my progress (read: fun) here, so stay tuned…

I love trip planning so much, that I have started to do it for friends as well.  It gives me so much joy to take into account intended travellers’ likes, dislikes, preferences, bucket lists, capacities (!!), and budgets, of course.  It’s my favourite type of puzzle to solve.  Balancing tourist-musts with opportunities for adventure, rest & relaxation, and general wandering and just “being”, is a time-consuming, but oh-so-satisfying hobby for me.

Here’s my first tip of trip planning:  Always take into account each traveller’s capacities.  Don’t forget to plan for rest.  Nothing makes most people grumpier than fatigue and/or lack of sleep (unless you’re in your 20s of course, but since I am now way past that, I suppose I am writing this blog for folks like me — let’s just say the  “over 30s”… yes, let’s say that).  Anyway, I digress.  Remember that travel adds up — a 2 hour travel duration may in fact be a 5-6 hour journey when you include checking out, getting to the airport/train station/bus station, checking in, getting to your hotel/hostel/apartment at the other end.  You have to take into consideration how that will pan out, and if you can’t avoid an in-transit day, make sure you build in some time for rest the next day.

Happy Trip Planning!

What’s your favourite trip planning tip?


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