Oregon: Where our Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Got Back on the Road

On our way home from Oregon, R and I had two main thoughts:

  1. When do we get to go back?
  2. More people need to know about Oregon

Epic Oregon Road Trip 2014

How better to tell our tale of epic road trip adventures than to start at the beginning…  We went to Oregon to restart our Pacific Coast Highway epic road trip adventure, so that is where we will start — in Astoria, the northernmost part of the Oregon Coast.  We will then make our way south, all the way to Klamath in Northern California.  Then we will make our way inlands towards Junction City, Oregon, where we will make several visits to several wineries and enjoy the vibe in Eugene.  Lastly, we will take you to gloriously hip and weird and awesome Portland, Oregon.

But first a quick re-cap of our journey into the coast, with a short jaunt at Seaside, which is actually our first glimpse of the pacific waters off the Oregon coast… (Stop A, B, and C on the map)

R and I began our epic Oregon road trip, by driving out our Portland rental car into… wait for it… hail.  Yes, hail.  In Oregon.  In May.  There was hail.

We were so confused, and so was the manager at Trader Joe’s (which is of course, a very fine first stop before going off on an epic road trip adventure — stay tuned for other blogs where I talk about my obsession for Trader Joe’s).  We ran from the car, into the loving warmth and shelter of Trader Joe’s, and looked out quizzically at the angry hail storm.

Trader Joe's Saved our lives

We probably looked like this as we ran for cover… unfortunately, minus the sexy stockings. Alternate Caption: Trader Joe’s saved our lives!! (image from demotix.com)

“I have never seen this before.  I have never seen hail for the 21 years I have lived in Portland.”

Seeing as we can’t possibly do a 2 hour drive towards the coast amidst a freak hailstorm, we had a leisurely shop in my favourite grocery shop in the world.  (like I said, obsessed).  I haven’t mentioned that we flew in from Toronto, with a portable cooler in our luggage.  You can’t really have an epic road trip without a cooler, right?

R and I eventually got back on the road and made our way to the coast.  Our first stop was Seaside.  Seaside is likely the closest direct point when driving in from Oregon.  This was our stop prior to heading on to Cannon Beach to our cabin for the night.

Seaside welcome my people!

Seaside welcomes my people! 🙂

Seaside has historically been one of the Oregon Coast’s most visited and popular oceanfront resorts located only 80 miles from Portland. It has a beautiful promenade, and the turnaround is marked as the official end of the Lewis and Clark Trail — it commemorates their historic journey from Saint Louis to the Oregon Coast.

Lewis & Clark Statue at the Seaside, Oregon Turnaround

Lewis & Clark Statue at the Seaside, Oregon Turnaround

Lewis & Clark Statue at the Seaside, Oregon Turnaround

Lewis & Clark Statue at the Seaside, Oregon Turnaround

What really matters though is our first glimpse of the Oregon Coast…

Oregon Coast is simply magnificent...

Oregon Coast is simply magnificent…

Seaside is a pretty town with some great restaurants.  I was still getting over a cold, so after a leisurely stroll along the beach to take in the ocean air, we headed over to Cannon Beach and stayed in for the evening and enjoyed our Trader Joe’s spoils.

Cannon Beach's Inn at Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach’s Inn at Haystack Rock

Well, there you have it, the start of our most recent adventures, but of course, we only saw a snippet of Seaside.  Have you taken a road trip recently?  Where did you go, and what is your road trip must-have?

If you would like to see more of our travel photos, follow me on instagram at @dede_wanders.


3 thoughts on “Oregon: Where our Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Got Back on the Road

  1. As the infamous “R”, I can say that it was indeed one hell of a hail storm. Incredible. Traders Joe’s saved our lives. Seaside is an amazing town. the walk on the promonade should not be missed. Also, I spelled Promenade wrong because I haven’t had coffee yet. Love the blog!

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