The Answer to the How of Travel is to Make it a Priority

There are two types of people in our lives.  Those who ask us “where to next?” (they are our fellow wanderlusters), and those who ask us “how the heck do you get to travel so much?”  The latter, often said with more than a little bit of thinly veiled judgment — their statement laden with the barely hidden sneer of ‘it must be so nice to be so rich’.

On the contrary, we don’t have more than you.  The difference is that we make it a priority. In my humble opinion, that’s really the secret of getting to travel… you make it a priority — just like other things you have deemed important in your life.

The opportunity and capacity to travel is much more important to me than your fancy bag du jour (like seriously, the amount of money that you paid for that Coach – Mark Kors – insert some other brand here could pay for an awesome weekend getaway where I get to learn a little bit about the world, and in the process learn more about me).

We don’t drive the fancy car, nor did we choose to buy the fanciest of houses.  Our leisure at home centre around getting out there and smelling the roses (read: cheaper pursuits).  We live life simply, and just as importantly, we pay into our travel fund, every month, like we do for all our other bills.  Like all those smart financial types always say, you have to pay yourself first.

Regular, adventurous, eye-opening travel is not only for the 20-somethings or the happily retired (although I have happily been the former, and hope to be the latter).  Us in betweens can do it too!  You just make it a priority.

On that happy note, where are you going next? 

Happy adventuring!  If you would like to see more of our travel photos, follow me on instagram at @dede_wanders.

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2 thoughts on “The Answer to the How of Travel is to Make it a Priority

  1. Brilliant! Very much enjoyed the read! I share similar thoughts to you. I have written 2 very similar articles – 10 reasons to make it happen and the happiness encryption. Loved your article. Great to know there are others out there with similar ideas of making travelling a priority! Would love for you to read my 2 articles and see what you think also 🙂 Thanks for a great read!

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