Getting to know my neighbourhood… One taste at a time!

I love travel.  Which is why this site was originally all about my journey of discovering new places and tastes.  However, I found it very difficult to start writing about all that was found and enjoyed post-holiday.  I found it very difficult to start and look through (mountains of) my archives of information.

It didn’t help that 1 week after our big Italy adventure, we bought our first home together.  So when I tell you that all my energy was focussed on the excitement of feeling grown up, closing deals, puppy-proofing backyards, you wouldn’t be surprised.  My days and nights were filled with all the things I wanted to tinker with and make ours.  As the husband puts it, “putting our stink” on everything.  You know, like dogs.

Anyway, in my journey of falling in love with our new neighbourhood, which we shortly found out was called “The Pocket”, I marvelled at the sheer number of restaurants in our convenient eating radius.  One day, as we were eating fast food thai, exhausted beyond belief with all the moving and painting and scraping, I shared my marvel of sheer number of places for us to try, I told him that I should start a blog called “Eating My Way through the East End”.

And so, in that vein, this blog is hereby repurposed.


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